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After years and years of evolution, the Internet has revolutionized the computer and communications world like nothing before, we became capable to interact with anyone despite the long distance between us.

It's true that this made our way of life easier, but with what cost?

Privacy in your Hands

We value our users by providing them with an All-in-One solution
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    Our modular design creates no scalabilities issues, leading way to multi-platform applications development.

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    Protects your Identity

    Communication based on blockchain technology, shields your real identity by using multiple random nodes.

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    Real-Time Communication

    Datas are encrypted, chunked into small different pieces distributed to nodes that relays them across the network, linked up and decrypted at destination.

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    Smart Payment System

    Nodes have the freedom of choice; operators can set their price according to their hardware contribution.



Legal Opinion
Crowdsale Whitepaper
Technical Whitepaper


July, 2018 Token Sale

Token Sale

Private Sale had started on the 1st of July 2018, it will last for 30 days, having a capacity of 17% of total crowdsale supply.

September, 2018 Test Network

Test Network

Proof of Work (PoW) Test Network

November, 2018 Private Communications

Integration of private text messages & voice communication into wallets.

December, 2018 Network Fixing

Network Fixing

Network Testing & Fixing - users are going to write testimonials about their experience with the blockchain

January, 2019 Main Network Launch

Main Network Launch

Users are invited to use the official wallet of the application

February, 2019 Hardfork


Swap will become available for users, they will be able to swap their Capital (CALL) token into the Proof of Work Equihash network, CapitalGAS (CALLG) will also swap into Proof of Work Aragon2d network).

March, 2019 Android Custom Firmware

Android Custom Firmware Development

Development of a private operating system, based on the Android Operating System.

July, 2019 Custom Android OS

Custom Android OS

Custom Android OS based on Android Open Source Project (AOSP) for Qualcomm based chipsets

August, 2019 Android Private Marketplace

Android Private Marketplace

Development of a private application marketplace (replacement of Google Play marketplace)

September, 2019 Alpha Android Marketplace

Alpha Android Marketplace

Alpha version of application marketplace will be available for alpha testers

December, 2019 Public Android Marketplace

Public Android Marketplace

Final version of the application marketplace will become available for all users and it will be included into the Android Operating System Update

January, 2020 IoT Research

IoT Research

Research for Internet of Things devices integration with the blockchain

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Crowdsale and Token Distribution

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) it's held on the Ethereum blockchain with all data stored on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Tokens will be swapped into a different blockchain after the main network's ready.
  • Capital (CALL)

    Capital (CALL) will be rewarded to node operators for private route establishment between users
    Public Sale
    Founder Team
    Bounty Campaign

    Capital GAS (CALLG)

    Capital GAS (CALLG) will be rewarded to node operators for private data transfer between users
    Public Sale
    Founder Team
    Bounty Campaign
  • Tokens distribution

    Funds distribution

Team Members

Marinescu Adrian


Adrian is an entrepreneur also a cryptocurrency trader with over 4 years of experience in programming, 2 years of experience in network administration at SCAND SA, reputed to be the biggest IT company in South West of Romania. He is also cofounder of many cryptocurrencies projects, and an active developer and contributor in the blockchain projects.

Marinescu Victor


Victor is an application developer, hardware engineer and a solution architect with requisite experience in reports and system architecture. His expertise includes hardware and software design for embedded systems (chip, board, and system levels); high-level applications, graphical user interfaces, application program interfaces (APIs), development tools, and distribution systems. He is also a skilled expert in the areas of log analysis, database modeling, and web user interface.

Firu Gradoe Ionuț


Ionut is a Microsoft Certified IT Professional Expert, experienced market participant with a demonstrated history of working in the investment management industry with a proven track record. Extensive skill set includes multi asset portfolio management, fund selection, equity valuation, as market making.

Stani Ionuț Daniel

Digital Marketing Manager

Ionuț is responsible for setting up and delivering online marketing straits, promotion on social media, finding new ways to promote company's technology & image. He is also a marketing analyst, specialized in blockchain market research, applying research findings to optimize marketing strategies as well as enhancing search engine optimization and community engagement.

Cîrjaliu Bogdan Dinel

Hardware Marketing Manager

Bogdan is a team leader with over 7 year experience in marketing & sales at RT Solution (ENEL Partner), the biggest electricity company in Europe.

Dinu Claudiu

Community Manager

Claudiu is an Intercultural Communication graduate with a deep knowledge of 2 foreign languages. He is responsible for customer support, content management, and public relations.

Martin Kuvandzhiev

Martin Kuvandzhiev


Co-founder and Operations Leader at Bitcoin Gold
Founder of CryptoApps Ltd.
Developer of Nicestats and WhatToMine IOS
Mitroi Ionel

Mitroi Ionel

Advisor & Investor

Ionel is a blockchain activist and an early investor in many of the ground-breaking blockchain projects, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others. He is building long lasting relationships with clients to take care of their success while at the same time keeping them up to date with changes in the rules and regulations that may affect them

Picioruș Marti

Advisor & Investor

Marti is a blockchain advisor and also business owner at MM IT Solutions an IT company specialized in software & hardware solutions with over 20 employers and yearly revenue over 1.5 mil dollars, located in Bucharest.

Eliza Smaranda Mucioniu

Eliza Smaranda Mucioniu

Security Advisor & Investor

Eliza is a security expert focused on blockchain technology. She is Bitcoin enthusiast with a background in cyber security and technology management.

Ionut Moraru

Ionuț Moraru

Blockchain Developer

Founder of Hostero and Who am I Global
Full Stack Developer at Eloquentix
Co-Founder of CodeBoxed
Attique Baig

Attique Baig

Senior UI/UX designer

Attique Baig is a professional UI-UX designer and business owner at Expertions. As an expert in designing, he has designed a number of mobile & web applications. He has more than 8 year experience and provided his services to more than 500 customers with 100% success rate

Inzmam UI Hassan

Inzmam UI Hassan

Software Engineer

Inzmam is a full stack web & blockchain developer. He has diverse software engineering experience in web technologies including PHP, MEAN Stack with multiple JS frameworks and libraries, Ethereum Solidity and HyperLedger Fabric and Sawtooth Expert

Shahid Shoukat

Shahid Shoukat

Software Engineer

Shahid is an experienced frontend and backend web developer. He has experience in working on Open Source technologies for more than 10 years, he has developed and designed architecture of numerous web applications.

Fung Su Jung Gu

Fung Su Jung Gu

China Ambassador

Fung is a TCP/IP Network Expert and a Server Programmer. He is an App Developer with more than seven years of experience in Network Security & Management, Windows & Linux Server Programming, Service Management - Assembly X86/64, and Reverse Engineering

Adrian Marinescu from Capital Technologies & Research and Martin Kuvandzhiev from Bitcoin Gold (BTG)
Team Conference
Adrian Marinescu and Marti Piciorus
Capital Technologies & Research and Martin Kuvandzhiev from Bitcoin Gold (BTG)
Romania (Bucharest) Conference
Sofia (Bulgary) Conference


Future Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find answer to your questions, feel free to ask in our Telegram group
What is the project about?

We believe in real privacy, as a former CIA agent Edward Snowden, said once Privacy is something to protect, we deeply analyzed the actual situation of today and we found out that all communications these days rely on centralized servers, controlled by groups of persons that can't be entirely trusted. Our project's idea came from Satoshi Nakamoto vision, where data is relayed through different users, becoming private and untraceable.

Where is Capital Technologies & Research incorporated?

Capital Technologies & Research SRL is incorporated in Romania. The Team is international, our team members and advisors are located in 4 different countries: Romania, China, United States and Pakistan.

What is Capital (CALL) and CapitalGAS (CALLG)?

Capital (CALL) is the main currency used in the Capital Technologies & Research incorporated business. In the crowdsale it will be distributed as an Ethereum Token and when the main minable network launches every user will have to swap their tokens.
CapitalGAS (CALLG) is the fuel of the main network.

What is Capital's business model?

Capital Technologies & Research will develop a decentralised private communication system where users can easily enjoy their private communications. Also, the company will develop custom firmware for smartphones that will have the Capital's application pre-installed.

What's the difference between traditional end-to-end encryption and blockchain's based end-to-end encryption?

Traditional end to end encryption protocol, rely on centralized servers that exchanges encryption keys and broadcast communications through them. Hackers impersonate those servers by counterfeiting the real encryption keys with their forged ones, hijacking the communication.
Blockchain based communication, solve this problem by replacing the centralized servers with nodes, giving authority back to the people.